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RMR Co. is a small company that specializes in instrumentation for remote environments, particularly maritime applications. We have offices on Long Island, New York and in Seattle WA. We provide special instrument design as required and will develop all preipheral hardware for extensive network installations. Data collection, post processing, and data analysis are a routine part of our activities.

Recent Publications
Thin-cloud Shadowband Radiometer, Jtech 58, 2011
Air-Sea Fluxes for MAGIC
Some Activities
ARM MAGIC Eastern Pacific stratocumulus cloud study.
ISAR MIRAI Installation of ISAR and DAQ on Japan R/V MIRAI.
KM11-30 Kilo Moana SST comparison cruise Samoa to Honolulu.
ATA Cruise Around the Americas, 27000 nm sail around the Americas.
TCRSR Thin-cloud Shadowband Radiometer for thin cloud studies.
TSI Total sky imager applications for shipboard installations.
ICE Cruise ARM International Cloud Experiment in E. Timor Sea.
MISMO Cruise JAMSTEC study of tropical dynamics.


ISAR (Infrared Sea Surface Temperature Autonomous Radiometer) combines a scanning infrared thermometer, GPS, and tilt sensor to provide autonomous real-time ocean skin temperature. Measurements are transmitted in real time via Iridium SBD. More

SBD : Iridium short-burst data telemetry.
R/V Kilo Moana : SST intercomparison and validation cruise, Samoa to Honolulu.
R/V Mirai : Installation of new Isar and DAQ on the R/V Mirai.

RAD is a smart interface from solar and IR radiometers to a shipboard computing system. RS232 or RS422 serial, NMEA style packets with calibrated irradiance averages, W/m^2. These units are being deployed on NOAA and university research vessels. More

R/V Pisces : RAD for the NOAA R/V Pisces.
Moss Landing : RAD for the Moss Landing Marine Labs.
Slideshow : A collection of images on RAD deployments.

SAMOS (Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System) quality measurement systems. The SAMOS mission is to improve the quality of meteorological and near-surface oceanographic observations collected in-situ on research vessels and volunteer observing ships. More

Observation Handbook : Climate Quality meteorological measurements at sea (Bradley \& Fairall)
SAMOS Goals : A discussion of climate quality meteorological measurements.

PRP Using the principal of a rotating shadow band radiometer the Fast-Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (FRSR) can provide estimates of aerosol optical depth with an autonomous instrument. Broadband global longwave and shortwave radiometers. More

Tech Memo 1108 Langley calibration and Microtops Verification (pdf .6MB)
PRP2 Design PRP2 Design Plan. (pdf 902 kb)

DAQ The RMR Co. data acquisition system is an internet hub based modular system which is off the shelf, customizable, and expandable for almost any application. It uses all off-the-shelf components with DIN rail mounting.

DAQ architecture Describes the hardware and software in the DAQ system.

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