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A one year study of marine strato-cumulus clouds using the ARM Mobile Facility (AMF2) on a volunteer container ship on the Los Angeles to Honolulu shipping lane.

Summary of Legs

BNL Official MAGIC Site
ARM Campaign Description
Scientific Overview (pdf .8M)
Proposal to ARM (pdf 252K)
A Slide Show of the Horizon SPIRIT
Leg-00 Cruise Report (pdf 2M)
AMF2 Facility Overview (pdf 1.2 mb);
Presentation to Horizon Lines (pdf 5.5M)
Gallery of Cloud Photographs
Gallery of Surface Metorology Instrumentation (MET, ISAR)

Edit date: 2014 05 01

Principal Investigators
Ernie R. Lewis (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Warren J. Wiscombe (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

Bruce A. Albrecht (University of Miami)
Geoffrey L. Bland (NASA GSFC, Wallops Flight Facility)
Charles N. Flagg (Stony Brook University)
Stephen A. Klein (Lawrence Livermore National laboratory)
Pavlos Kollias (McGill University)
R. Michael Reynolds (Remote Measurements & Research Company)
Stephen E. Schwartz (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
A. Pier Siebesma (KNMI, The Netherlands)
Joao Teixeira (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)
Robert Wood (University of Washington)
Minghua Zhang (Stony Brook University)

Why, When, and Where?

Low marine boundary layer clouds over the ocean exert a large influence on Earth’s climate through reflection of sunlight and mediating interactions between air and sea.

These clouds are a challenge to global climate models (computer codes that attempt to describe and predict the climate), which have difficulty in accurately representing them and the transitions among their different types (stratocumulus, cumulus, etc.).

MAGIC will study these clouds by deploying radars and other scientific instrumentation on the Horizon container ships Reliance and Spirit making regular transects between Los Angeles and Hawaii from October, 2012 to September, 2013.

The primary objective is to improve the representation of the stratocumulus-to-cumulus transition, an ever-present phenomenon along this particular transect, in climate models.

Informal Memos and Reports
2006-10-28M0701 Correcting Shortwave Measurements for Tilt (pdf 266 kb)
2011-10-24M1007 On large ship tilt measurements (pdf 66 kb)
2011-10-24M1101 A Rough Estimate of a CFD Analysis for a Ship (pdf 117 kb)
2011-11-10M1102 Leg0 Ideas and Recommendations (pdf 140 kb)
2011-12-03M1104 Leg0 Instrumentation Ideas (pdf 312 kb)
2011-12-09M1106 Air-Sea Interaction: Possible Leg0 Deployment (pdf 252 kb)
2011-12-05M1107 Integrate the SPN1 Radiometer to the AMF2 PRP (pdf 508 kb)
2011-12-09M1108 The DAQ Hardware/Software Architecture (pdf 398 kb)